Vibration courseware from MIT

While poking around YouTube to see if there were any other videos about the MIT team that is building video-based vibration visualization systems, I was reminded that there are some great lecture videos available. While I never managed to take either class, 2.003 (from the Mechanical Engineering program) and 8.03 (from the Physics department) comprise the basic undergraduate treatments of vibration and waves. 

Kim Vandiver's presentation of 2.003 from 2011 is pretty good for people with engineering interests. Vibration is covered in the second half of the class; here's a link to the YouTube playlist starting there. Or, if you want to dig into the entire thing (problem sets and all), check it out MIT OCW.


If you're my age, on the other hand, you might like Walter Lewin's presentation of 8.03 instead. The entire class is dedicated to dynamics, and there is even some discussion of vibrations in settings far beyond human settings (binary star systems, for example). 

Being in the Physics program, 8.03 is less engineering-oriented, but then again who doesn't like watching Lewin lecture?