I'll miss seeing that green jacket

Leo Beranek, 102, pioneer who unlocked mysteries of acoustics

I'm sure that everyone has his or her own story, but here's mine: I gave a talk at ASA (or maybe NoiseCon?) years ago. The subject eludes me, but I think it related to vibration rather than acoustics. Dr. Beranek was sitting in the very front row, in that green jacket that for some reason I always saw him wearing at conferences.

And after I'd finished my talk, he asked a Very Good Question.

I wish I could remember exactly what it was, but I recall it being deep: an inquiry into what something meant. I had purposefully avoided it in the talk itself because I wasn't yet sure that I had the right framework for interpreting it. And after a only high-level 15-minute presentation, Beranek had seen right through me. 

Maybe somebody should put together a "Beranek Number" system, modeled loosely on mathematicians' "Erdos Number".