Vibrasure was started by Byron Davis, bringing 20 years’ experience in acoustical and vibration consulting. 

Our characterization and design background is in high-tech environments, where vibration and noise aren’t just simple annoyances but are key to users’ successes. Working with both owners as well as design teams, our staff boast a global portfolio including high-value facilities across North America, Asia, and the Middle East. We provide acoustical and vibration consulting services in critical environments.

Acoustical & Vibration design Consulting for industry:

  • academic and institutional / national labs with unique environmental needs
  • commercial and industrial R&D laboratories housing sensitive tools and processes
  • vivarium settings and animal research facilities with vibration and noise sensitive research
  • microelectronics manufacturing and semiconductor fabs, including tool installation support
  • transportation and heavy infrastructure, especially near sensitive land uses
  • commercial offices and other human-oriented environments
  • institutional settings where campus-wide impact planning is important

In addition to working in buildings and across campuses, we also help toolmakers and instrument makers develop and refine their products from the vibration and noise perspectives. 

Byron Davis, Acoustical Consulting and Vibration Propagation - Vibrasure

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