Key Personnel


Byron Davis

As founding principal of Vibrasure, Byron leads projects requiring detailed vibration and noise analyses; theoretical modeling and experimental determination of propagation parameters; field measurement and extraction of difficult-to-obtain physical quantities; and facilities design and construction details for vibration and noise control.

Byron serves university and manufacturing clients working at the micro/nanoscale in critical environments. Current active projects include a new high-end imaging facility at a US national lab; a multi-species vivarium for research and surgical training; and reviews, guidance, and monitoring for a major university where light rail will extend across campus. 

He is a 1998 graduate of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT. During his time at MIT, he held various positions at Panasonic, Lucent, and Bose. Later, he worked in the
metrology division at Applied Materials. His direct experience as a user of high end imaging and metrology tools in laboratory and cleanroom environments provides him with a unique consulting
perspective in the delivery of low-vibration facilities, including laboratories and semiconductor fabs.


Tyler Rynberg 

Joining the Vibrasure team with 20 years in the industry, Tyler Rynberg has extensive experience managing a variety of projects in mechanical noise and vibration control, architectural acoustics, environmental noise, construction noise and vibration monitoring, and building vibration testing and design.

During his career, Tyler has worked on a broad range of building types and market sectors, including science and research facilities, medical centers, mixed-use, office spaces, movie and performance theatres, industrial/manufacturing facilities, and multi-family residential. Along with design work, Tyler has planned and conducted measurements of airborne and structural-borne noise transfer, micro-vibration, environmental/transportation noise, room acoustic metrics, and noise exposure (OSHA workplace noise).

He is a 1997 graduate of the Department of Interdisciplinary Engineering at Purdue University. His experience working on a wide array of projects from electron microscopy suites to luxury high-rise towers to medical facilities with all forms of project delivery, including fast-track/IPD, provides him with an expansive toolset in solving design challenges.