Recent Noise and Vibration Consulting Projects

Our portfolio includes projects from every corner of the globe. Below is a representative sampling of projects on which our staff have provided consulting engineering services; be sure to contact us to learn more.


Bryan Hall, WUSTL (Academic Laboratory Vibration)

Vibration design for a university laboratory renovation, including a structural upgrade and mitigation of widespread machinery vibration isolation failures. The existing structural system provided unique opportunities to deliver high-quality upper-floor spaces at modest cost.

Class-A Office Bldg, Confidential Client (Commercial acoustical Design)

Acoustical and noise control design of a 7-story, 300,000 GSF high-end office building for a large insurance company, including open office spaces, call centers, a full kitchen/cafeteria, and conferencing suites. 

Blocks 23A/33, ZSFG & 654 Minnesota, UC San Francisco (Hospital, Lab, office, residential)

Development of technical performance criteria & planning for multiple hospital, clinical, laboratory, office, and housing projects for the new Mission Bay campus at UCSF.

Vollum institute, OHSU (Animal vibration, noise, and ultrasound)

Vibration, noise, and ultrasound analyses for protection of laboratories and animal holding and animal research spaces during construction. Testing of realistic construction processes helped the team develop schedules and approaches to minimize impacts.

3rd Street Light Rail Luminaires, SFDPW (Infrastructure / Vibration Testing)

Field testing of excessive motion in street lighting systems, suspected of causing system-wide structural failures. Vibration testing revealed that vibrations from train pass-by events paled in comparison to wind and other factors.

G20 Renovation, ONPRC (Vivarium Vibration and Noise)

Acoustical and vibration consulting for renovations of a primate holding and research facility. Improvements to poorly-isolated behavioral testing rooms will help boost research productivity.

Small Molecule Development Lab (Biotech Vibration and Noise)

Vibration and acoustical consulting for a new 130,000 GSF research and development building for a major pharmaceutical manufacturer. An open-plan laboratory and office concept drives significant attention to acoustical parameters.

Transbay Block 6, The Solaire (Market-Rate and Affordable Housing Tower)*

Acoustical design for a 500,000 GSF, high-rise tower with ~400 market-rate units; and a mid-rise with ~70 affordable units. The Type I / Type V project featured a curtain wall facade and a fitness center.

Physical sciences Facility, PNNL (Imaging laboratories VIBRATION AND ACOUSTICAL)*

Vibration and acoustical design consulting for a four-building nuclear and materials research mini-campus at Pacific Northwest National Labs. Environmental vibrations at the remote site were reasonable, so detailed attention to vibration isolation of machinery proved to be an exceptional investment.

Molecular Engineering Building, UW Seattle (Nanotech lab VIBRATION)*

Vibration consulting for a new 90,000 GSF $77MM home for the UW's Molecular Engineering and Sciences Institute. Now called NanoES, the building boasts a 28,000 SQFT low-vibration / low-EMI basement imaging suite.

* Indicates projects executed by our staff under other design firms