We are a full-service acoustical and vibration engineering consultancy. Contact us to discuss how we help your projects succeed.

Micro-Vibration and acoustical design Services

Design capabilities extending from regional and campus-scale planning; to building-scale design; to tool/product-scale development:

  • criterion development, including unique installations in laboratories and R&D settings
  • programming support and functional layout for vibration and noise performance
  • concept design for new projects as well as building retrofits and renovations
  • noise control specification and vibration isolation for mechanical / electrical / plumbing (MEP) systems
  • structural dynamic evaluations and propagation testing

Site and Building vibration testing / Monitoring

World-class vibration testing and surveying capabilities from the nanometer scale to gross construction impacts:

  • temporal and spatial surveys and "deep" data-mining analyses in critical situations
  • evaluations of existing buildings and proposed building sites (against IEST VC Curves, NIST, and others)
  • field vibration propagation testing and in situ experimental characterization
  • dynamic properties extraction of existing structures, and to support FEA model generation
  • construction and laboratory vibration / noise monitoring, with remote instrumentation suites 

Specialty acoustical TESTING Services

Acoustical noise test and measurement in routine and unusual settings, from infrasound to ultrasound:

  • building acoustics, including STC, IIC, NC, speech intelligibility, etc
  • building site noise for permitting and approvals
  • noise propagation testing and modeling
  • ultrasound characterizations, especially for animal environments
  • product noise emission testing
  • testing as per ASTM and ISO standards